Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tuesday's Tasty Tip for Breakfast

Can we say yummmm!!!!! My peaches are finally starting to ripen, but with bittersweet thoughts I pick and relish them one last time. We are moving, and so the tree with be in the hands of those who may not give it the care and attention I have. Perhaps I can sneak over and take care of the tree each year until we move to Oregon.... For now, I will enjoy the fruits of my labor, and God's blessing.
My tasty breakfast tip is something I gleaned from Dio, a friend whom I first met while living in North Pole, Alaska. She is so energetic, though much like me, a bit short and in need of always finding ways to stay healthy and keep her weight in check. Although McDonalds offers a similar food for breakfast, I like that I can control what I put in my version and the use of cantaloupe was a new one for me that turned out to be delightfully refreshing on a warm summer day.

Fresh Fruit and Yogurt Parfait

1 c. fresh chopped peaches, cantaloupe or berries (yes cantaloupe is wonderful this way!)
1/2 c. vanilla yogurt, or plain yogurt sweetened with maple syrup or honey to taste
1/2 c. your favorite granola or cereal

Layer in a parfait glass, or in a bowl, enjoy!


  1. Oh YUM! I have some peaches that were brought to me by my daughter in law from her mom's garden. Now I know what I'll do with them :)

  2. You will love this! Costco has a great new? cereal called .....oh rats, I threw the box away! It is a Kirkland brand called cinnamon pecan something or other. Loaded with fiber, no junk in it. Try it this way, it's delish!