Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sunday Sharing..... Be Ye as a little child, humble teachable willing to learn....

I heard a saying recently that has me pondering greatly the simplicity of life if we choose to make it so.
It goes something like this: Thoughts lead to choices that lead to actions that determine our character. My grandson is a perfect example. Here he is reading a hymn book. His choice. He found the book on the piano bench and pulled it out. How he knows that it's a music book is a mystery to me, as his parents don't have one around the house; unless he's seen one at our home. This photo was taken at the twins' home by the way. Emmett's first thought was that he wanted to look at books. He loves books and will read by himself on occasion. If you try and join him he will hold his hand up and tell you he's busy. When he chose the hymn book I tried to steer him to another book but this is the one he wanted. Interesting choice for  a 2 year old, but I'm not one to discourage his interest of good things. Emmett has always been this way. He will pull out dictionaries, grandpa's history books, and magazines, just to see what's in there. He would rather do that most days than watch TV. We as adults sometimes muddy things up by either thinking we know better in all things, or thinking we need something in our lives that we don't. Often we put things in front of our children or put them in front of things that will lead to thoughts and choices we don't necessarily approve of. All things being equal, I would rather Emmett pick up the dictionary or a hymn book to thumb through than anything else. He may learn something good and in the process keep his mind free of the mountain of garbage put out there to tempt us.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Seek Ye First......

A favorite verse of mine that I created a counted cross stitch design for to hang up in the living room. A reminder for me to always search the scriptures and pray before I start my day. I can attest to the fact that it works every time I put it to the test. Do you have a favorite verse that motivates you?

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tuesdays Tip - No waste Tomatoes

Just a quick note to say hi! and send a tip your way. We recently had to go out of town and I had way too much produce on hand. I gave most of it to my son, but I knew they couldn't use up 2 tubs of tomatoes so I tossed one tub in the freezer. Anyone who knows me knows I'm not one to let things go to waste. 
Last night we had halibut and shrimp tacos. I took the tomatoes out of the freezer and heated them up in a hot frying pan, no liquid. I sprinkled on some Old Bay seasoning, chili powder and cumin powder. When the tomatoes started to pop I let them simmer to reduce the liquid and then threw some already cooked and peeled shrimp as well as some leftover halibut into the pan. When it was all heated through we used it for taco filling that was so delicious. No fat, low calories, and no waste.....or is that waist? ;-)

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Confucious say......

...people who own dogs should have tall fences..... Okay maybe he didn't but he would have if he lived in our neighborhood.
What is it about an early misty morning that is so refreshing?! I'm out plodding along on my morning jog, listening to Car Talk on my headphones. Hey, you can learn a lot from those two! Did you know that if your accelerator gets stuck you can do several things to prevent an accident, such as shift to neutral, turn the car off BUT LEAVE THE KEY IN THE IGNITION, and hit the brakes. See, you learned something this morning. So here I am enjoying the drizzle on my face, the cool air and the quiet when it's shattered by a momma Labrador who charges me. She has been an annoyance in the past, and I really should be on the city about this one as they know she's a problem, but now that she has had puppies she has become very aggressive! I had happened to pick up a pipe from a neighbors trailor sitting out in the front as I knew the dog might be out and believe it or not there are no good throwing rocks along that stretch of road.
So I'm yelling at her to go home, and the owner, who I couldn't see as it's still semi dark yells at me, "Throw a rock at her!" What?!!!!! He's too chicken to come out where I can see him, but later on he passes me in his Union Pacific truck. So I'm thinking, okay, he probably put her back as I truck along down the road, and I reverse my circle to go back by. Well I get past their doublewide, and just as I'm ready to drop the pipe back in my friends trailor here comes the dog up behind me. I wheel around as she almost gets to me, and I see the UP truck is back at the doublewide with the lights on. The dog backed off as I turned around, but now I'm mad. The guy has the nerve to pass me again! So here's the deal, I called the police department and left a message. They will hear from me again, the city will as well as the dog catcher, until this nuisance is taken care of. I'm not really talking about the dog either. I wonder what the number to Union Pacific is....
Here's the deal. The first reaction to this sort of situation is to shoot the dog. Really, the owners should be strung up. Dogs are dogs and do what they do, where as humans know better.
Yeah, I will be creating a different running route as I don't need this. I really enjoy getting out in the morning as it's so lovely out. I have heard recently that wasp spray is a good deterrent so I'm off to the store!

Friday, February 5, 2010


The other day my husband had some dental work done. The comments from the dentist included what a big tongue hubby has and what a small mouth. Translation, what a pain to try and reach that back molar to prep for a
It's funny how we are all so different. I wonder if Adam and Eve had problems like we do today, or is it just that with the mixing of this family with that family, the physical traits get all muddled and we come out not quite how we would if we were Adam and Eve's children. My little sister had teeth so big they had to remove her canines in order for her front teeth to fit. She had a tiny mouth. My teeth aren't so big, but my mouth isn't as small either. Mom had a similar problem, but not like Elain. Funny thing is, Elain's dad had a small mouth and small teeth. I had very shapely curves at one time. Hey, I'm almost 54, I can be a bit fluffier than I was, I earned it! My sisters were both built like Foghorn Leghorn as Elain's friends dubbed her.
So Kent and I were talking about all this the next morning after his crown prep appointment. One of his favorite things is to say, "when we get to Heaven and they have the Q & A session I have a list".... the avocado pit is one. He says he will be looking for the spare parts department to call in the perfected body clause.....