Monday, October 4, 2010

Applesauce Time!

There's a light rain drizzling down as the pot of applesauce simmers on the stove. The sweet smell of cinnamon and apples drifts through the house, evoking feelings of home and hearth and comfort. What is it about home made applesauce that wraps you in a feeling of security, like a downy blanket? As the twins and I sample some of the slightly spicy mixture of apples, sugar, lemon juice and spices, they cheer me on when I load up another spoonful for one of them. I remember when I was young that Mom would make a delicious pork roast with gravy, potato pancakes, and we would have applesauce and green beans as our sides. Yum!
Applesauce is probably one of the simplest foods to make. Peeled and cored apples, a little liquid if needed to keep the apple slices from sticking until they release their juices and turn soft, and a bit of sugar if you desire. I added a bit of Cinnamon Plus from Pampered Chef as I wanted something almost dessert like for a cool Autumn evening. 
Wondering what variety of apple to use for making applesauce? Golden Delicious and McIntosh are recommended although I had Galas and they made a delicious applesauce. For an extra special treat, if you have pears, try a half and half version of pears and apples, so yummy! There are a myriad of places to look up recipes for applesauce, especially if you want to can it. Here's a link for some more information. CANNING APPLESAUCE I hope you give it a try!

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