Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Now you see them, now you don't!

Oregon welcomed us home with quite a snow storm yesterday! Big fluffy flakes chased each other around the yard, and garage and house and apple tree and then landed everywhere, leaving a light blanket that was gone by the end of the day.
I have to say, that watching it snow was actually a thrill! I love to watch snow fall, but in Wendover it doesn't come down like this. I know this is a passing flurry so I enjoy the beauty of the the white cotton falling from heaven. But, where are the mountains?
Oh, wait! There they are! They like to play hide and seek alot, hiding behind the clouds trying to pretend they aren't there.
Then, out they come, majestic and gorgeous! Today I ran to Enterprise for some fresh produce from the fella that comes up from Hermiston. This is what I gazed upon on the ride home.
Can you believe this view? I pinch myself each Summer when we arrive; it takes a few days to realize that this isn't a dream.

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