Monday, July 19, 2010

For Those Who Think God Doesn't Have a Hand on Things.....

Every time I wend my way into Wallowa Valley I'm struck by the beauty and majesty of the mountains here. They are so impressive, with a presence that shows the Master's touch.
How anyone can believe that this world and all in it happened randomly is beyond me. This valley has everything a farmer or rancher needs to grow a myriad of things to provide food and shelter for mankind. From the crystal clear mountain streams, to the fertile soil, all are ready made for us to provide for our families if we are willing to work for it.
We had company last night and discussed this very topic. For the non-believers answer these questions.
If there is no God who created this world, then why did we evolve into upright creatures who can think critically and communicate in such a complex way and not other life forms? How is it that we are the only creatures on earth that evolved to this point? How is it that the world on it's own just happened to set up a way for us to provide for our needs with food, shelter and fuel? We have sunshine, water, good soil, a way to improve what is already here by our own efforts, and fuel, we have more than enough to spare if we use it wisely. We can use the resources available to create all we need to live comfortably. This was random? This was just evolution? It would be like putting all the components of a computer on a table and then waiting to see if it will come together by itself.
As was mentioned in our conversation, to look at a human body and see the amazing complexity of how we function and not see God's hand is ludicrous. To see a honey bee at work, a robin foraging for food in the yard, a fish as it jumps from a lake to catch it's dinner, all are so amazing in beauty and diversity, and they are there for us to admire, or use as a food source, or to help us. I for one don't think that this happened just by chance, and am grateful for the blessing of being able to see the hand of God in all things.

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