Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wednesday's fishing report....

 It was threatening to rain and rather dark and breezy as I cast my line into the water. I turned to wipe the power bait off my fingers and looked up to see that my bobber was gone! "Where'd my bobber go?" I asked hubby, who replied that he didn't know. All of a sudden we could see it running around in the water, "Fish On!" I shrieked and pulled in a nice little fish to my utter amazement. I hadn't even had time to find my stance! So we tried again and again and nothing. Hmmmm, where did they all go? All of a sudden my bobber disappears again, this time with a nice sized trout finding it's way into our net! 14 inches long, and over a pound in weight, he sure did make a tasty meal last night! So, we caught 4 more smaller ones last night, but there's some really big trout out there waiting to be caught. We are geared up with fresh bait, and a new pair of pliers, which got lost the other night, so stay tuned for more fishing excitement!

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