Thursday, October 11, 2012

Corn Husk Wreath is Finished Plus More!

 I had two ideas to put together, but I only had photos of the WIP on this one. I've played around with this, glittered it as Mom requested, but didn't like the way ribbon was looking on it so I ran to Jo-Ann's last night and gathered some goodies to give this wreath some color.
 It's now gracing our front door, and I think it turned out better than I hoped. It took me at least 8 hours to do though so there has to be an easier way.
 This wreath is an updated version of a corn husk wreath design Better Homes & Gardens featured years ago.  I added larger rickrack trim, as well as floral loveliness and whaalaa! It now graces Mom's front door in the living room.
This one took about 3 hours total. All you need is corn husks, soaked in water, a wire hanger shaped into a heart, and trims of your choice. You tear the husks into 1 inch or thinner strips, fold the strips and wrap around the wire. You pull the two ends through the folded end of the strip and pull tight. Push each additional looped strip close to each other. Once the wire is all covered let dry and add your trims. Easy peasy! Just a note, I use the wire hook end of the hanger as my hang from hook. I guess I need to add a photo of the back don't
Now I'm off to change the water on the garden. Can you believe it's still warm enough to grow things?

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