Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Chasing Rainbows ... a Fun Photo Shoot

 We went to a ward picnic the other day. Rain had been drizzling or pelting down most of the morning and when we got back from Costco there were rivers of water rushing down our street. Hubby and the bishop said a prayer that things would clear for the party and sure enough, we had sunshine over the area behind this chapel until the party was over. I took my mother-in-law home early as she was cold and is a tiny frail thing, but not before I chased some rainbow shots. The above one was taken as we were leaving the parking lot.
 We ventured down a country road. Do you see a pot of gold out there in the field?
 A little closer view.
 The mountains that watch over our valley on the east side.....
somewhere in this glorious shot are the mountains to the west. This is God stuff.... I hope you enjoy!

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