Sunday, October 18, 2015

Yellowstone Adventures Day 1 Part, ?

 I had never been to Yellowstone prior to this so forgive my excitement over what you may yawn at. 
The first day out it was foggy and damp. The sort of day made for spooky adventures in a magical forest. One of the first unusual sights to catch my eye was wisps of steam curling up from holes in the hillsides. It rather unnerved me to think that you could potentially step into a steaming hot hole and not even know it until it was too late, but it's fascinating to see.
 Most of the mist floating through this valley came from steam vents in the rocks and hills, along with a little from the river.
I tried to capture the jewel like droplets of water glittering from bare shrub branches. It sparkles a bit, don't you think? You can see that the sun was starting to come out here, and brighten the day. 

There will be more to come, as I can't figure out why my edited photos aren't showing up here. Good night for now. Sweet dreams all you in blogger land.

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