Thursday, August 27, 2009


So my arms are loaded down with a box of Santas that need to be finished and my lap top as I try to make a mad dash out the door this morning and this is what greets me, EEEEkkk! I quickly back up, put down my load, and grab the broom so I can remove this industrious spider. He was at my eye level, and about an inch or so long. No, I didn't kill him, I just moved him to the garden where he belongs. There is a black widow that has set up shop in the top left corner of my porch though and my dear hubby is going to take care of that one when he gets home.
Spiders are one of Gods amazing creations as they can set up a web so quickly! I had just been in and out of the front door a few hours before. If you look at the amount of circles this spider had spun, and if you could have seen the real size of this web as it stretched across my front door blocking me from getting out you would have been flabbergasted! There was no way I could go under without crawling.
This spider photo should be sent to President Obama as an example of what one of God's creations can do when expected to take care of itself. We all have the capacity to do much, but in our culture today many have become so dependent on our government to take care of them that they have lost their ability to think and act for themselves. It would behoove the President and his cronnies to back off and let folks start doing for themselves. We should be expected to pay for our own healthcare in at least some way, unless we are truly indigent, which many folks on the public dole right now aren't.
So how did my scare with the spider become a rant about public assistance? It occured to me that if we all had the industry and drive one little spider has, this country would not be losing it's status as a great nation. Just something to think about...

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