Monday, September 14, 2009

Peaches, Peaches and more Peaches!

What a wonderful fruit! So sweet and juicy that I can't believe anyone would just let them go to waste! Well not me that's for sure. A friend had a tree loaded with peaches and didn't know what to do with them so I went over to help pick them. We were supposed to work together on canning them but she had a mishap and ended up at the doctors office. So my DIL came over and we canned some and made preserves with some and gave some away and I still have a box full in the fridge. So tonight I will be putting up the rest, perhaps mixing them with pears we picked up in Idaho that have decided to ripen all at once. I will share some very yummy recipes later, after I clean up all the goo from the fruit. Oh, I did dry some peaches as well as freezing some for smoothies and pies. You might say we are up to our noses in peaches, but ahhh, what a way to go....


  1. Can you say "Peach Cobbler"?! Yuuuuummmmmy! :)

    PS Thanks for noticing I put my Fall blog banner up *wink wink*

  2. You are so welcome Sherry! It's a wonderful banner. Yes, peach cobbler for sure! I am so done with canning tonight. It's after 11 and I'm still waiting for the last batch to get done in the water batch. Tomorrow I will share a most delicious Minty Pear Lime Jam with Apple recipe. It is to die for and is wonderful for filling thumbprint cookies and other such goodies.