Friday, March 19, 2010


We had a Crockpot Olympics at our church tonight and I was asked to create the awards. In keeping with the theme of the dinner I took 3 Chinette paper plates and spray painted them gold, silver and bronze. They looked a bit plain so as I remembered what the medals for this years Olympics in Vancouver looked like I had the bright idea to use plastic silverware as the design on the front. So of course they were spray painted as well and hot glued on. I used some fabric with an apple pie theme to it for the ribbon.What could be more American than that?
Kent's scout beans took the bronze even though he didn't crock pot cook them. My favorite was his beans of course and a tasty dish called Chicken Stroganoff that is so easy. I will get the recipe and share as the creators are the folks I tend the twins for. We had a good time tonight, lots of interesting dishes in crock pots. Do you have a favorite crock pot dish?

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