Thursday, July 19, 2012

Broken China Jewelry Pendants

 There are such nice people here in Wallowa County! I happened to post some broken china pendants I've created on my Mother's Dream blog, and on Facebook, and a sweet lady asked me if I wanted some pieces she found in her backyard while digging out sage brush. Score! It was with great trepidation that I took hammer to china.
 Thankfully I got a few useable pieces for jewelry. The scraps will be used for mosaics so all is not lost. I haven't finished grinding the edges on all the pieces I did get, and I still need to drill holes and seal the edges, but here are a few of the pendants I'm getting from pieces parts my friend gave me, as well as some from some of my own dishes that have taken a hit, literally.
No, I don't just randomly break my dishes, but if they become too chipped or cracked, then they are fair game. Sometime in August, when I'm back in Oregon we are going to dig out more sagebrush and see what's in the stash. I was told that the area my friend is cleaning out used to be a local dump for these sorts of things, from a business that used to be around back in the day. There's also bottles and such to unearth. Who knows, we may find some real treasures that are worth something! I'm hoping, for her sake that is true!

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