Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Autumn Magic

 The Sugar Maples in Middle Canyon outside Tooele, Utah are "putting on the Ritz" this year with a breathtaking array of color. Although it was warm the day we took this walk, you could feel a change in the air, along with a difference in the sunlight. There's a mellow cast to everything, and a softening of the look touch and feel, even in the temperatures.
 I spent the afternoon raking leaves from my Willow. There's something magical about a pile of crunchy, rustling leaves, that had me wishing my grandchildren were here to play in them.
The sweet, pungent odor of fallen leaves all piled up beckons wonderful memories of other walks in the woods, and playing in raked up mounds of earthy foliage. The God of nature gives us a gift each Fall, with a reminder that life is ever changing, and continuous. He sends us little gifts each season, and for me, Autumn has some of the most rewarding. Swaths of vivid color painted across the landscape, cooler temperatures that have us pulling out cozy sweaters, biting into a crisp, juicy apple straight from our tree, sharing our harvest bounty with friends and family, all a part of a season of change.
In this life aging is necessary, and so is dying, to continue on in the plan God has for us. The elderly have always held a dear place in my heart, so perhaps that's a part of why I love Autumn. The years of wisdom and knowledge our older friends and loved ones have, combined with a renewed courage to take life by the horns and enjoy their best years, is inspiring and strengthening. As we get older hopefully we shed the foolish trappings of our selfish youth, and put on a more glorious cloak of purposeful living, helping others find peace and joy. May today be a day of wonder and delight in the magic of Autumn. Share it with a friend or loved one won't you?

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