Sunday, January 13, 2013

Who Knew? Genealogy can be a lot of fun!

 As I've been searching for family information, I've found a wealth of knowledge about the talents of my family members. This glass pipe, and the bird pickle dishes below were designed by Julius Proeger, one of a line of Julius Proegers in my mom's side of the family. Pretty awesome I think!


 You may be wondering what Carmen Miranda has to do with my family, well, apparently my grandmother, my mother's mom, used to do hair for people in LA, and Carmen was one of her clients! How come I didn't know that before?! Very cool bit of information.

Here's a photo of the headstones for the first Julius Proeger in our family line to come to the US. Funny, there's another line, with a Julius Proeger, we are trying sort out, to see if he is related. Probably, but we can't say for sure right now.
If you think your family has nothing to learn about, you might be surprised! Genealogy is so fun, and it really turns the hearts of the children to their fathers, as is stated in Malachi. Of course we LDS folk believe that families are meant to be together forever, and that Heavenly Father has a plan for that, but even if you don't believe that, you will still find doing genealogy richly rewarding.

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