Saturday, June 14, 2014

It's a Rainy Day in Paradise.....

A cool drizzle washed my cheeks as I turned to head back down the hill to Wallowa Lake. My lungs filled with fresh moist air as I faced into the slight breeze. Ahhhhh.... what a way to start the day! The valley is canopied with soft gray clouds, releasing thirst quenching liquid to the parched earth. A doe cautiously watches me as a black bird chirps and flutters over my head, both wondering if I am friend or foe. The doe goes back to nibbling on greenery as the bird lands on a boulder by what I assume is her nest.
I started my run feeling sluggish and slow, but found my energy build as I plodded up the road. My goal was to make the place where the river crosses under the road, and yet I was able to keep on trudging up the pavement and get to the top of the hill. I always say a mental, "Hi Mom!" as I reach the top, sometimes stopping at the Chief Joseph monument to walk through the little cemetery and try to feel her presence. Sometimes I feel her close, a comfort I've not often had since she passed. No, she's not buried anywhere I can physically see, but if God allows her to be close to us I feel that she would be up at the lake waiting for us to come home.
It's time to get breakfast together as my daughter has to work a split shift today and will need the sustenance to keep her going. I am contemplating making a nice creamy soup of sorts, and perhaps some crusty, savory rye bread to go with it. Oh, that will be for dinner... lol. Breakfast will be an egg scramble, using up the leftover baked potato I had the other night. Chopped red bell pepper and onion will go into the mix as well. Fresh fruit and toast will round things out. Have a great day, I know I will!

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