Monday, December 28, 2015

Angels Among Us - Caring In the Midst of Pain

Sometimes we forget that this life is so short, and those we love will not be around forever. When they go, our pain, especially when it's due to a tragedy, is overwhelming. I know of two dear ladies who have lost a loved one in the same tragic way over the past year, one within the last few months. Having been there myself I marvel at their strength.
It would be easy for either one of these sweet women to sit around wallowing in their misery. Instead they go about their days taking people to doctor appointments, bringing meals in, going shopping for them, and visiting those who can't get out on their own.
We hear so much about how conservative people just don't care, are selfish, and don't help the poor and needy. My experience is the opposite. Even in the midst of overwhelming grief and pain, they serve quietly, giving of their time, their substance, their hearts, to be there for others. They don't expect the government or anyone else to do what they can do themselves, to make life a little easier for someone else. These ladies are two very conservative, but true angels among us, who are an example of Christlike love and service. I'm in awe of their ability to do what needs to be done, not complaining, not thinking of themselves, just doing, and doing it with love.

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