Sunday, December 20, 2015

Angels Among Us - Without Recognition

The other day I had the opportunity to help shop for, put together, and deliver Christmas baskets. Most of the folks we visited were widows or single elderly. One particular woman lives in a very humble abode, sparsely furnished and decorated, but very clean and neat. She's at an age where health keeps her from doing much physically, so she spends her days crocheting hats and scarves and such for others. She was so happy to see us, and thrilled to receive the food and treats we brought, but what was interesting was that she had to tell us of her good fortune. Someone, two different folks, had left for or mailed her money anonymously. This probably made Christmas for her so she could do something for family. Her children are all grown, and do help her a lot, but sometimes folks just don't tell you what they really need, so some observant someone sent her a gift of love, not needing recognition in return. She was so tickled, I wish I could share a snapshot of the look on her face as she told us what happened. To whomever that angel was, THANK YOU, for bringing a little bit of joy into this woman's life. 
The more I dive into looking at the people I'm so very blessed to know, the more excited I get to share with you. I hope you enjoy these little snippets I'm sharing of the angels among us.

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