Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Wonderful weekend!

What a beautiful Sunday it was! Warm, sunny and perfect for an Easter celebration. Even the peach trees dressed for the occasion. We started the day with Easter Doves. A soft and slightly sweet almond flavored, honey glazed sweet roll shaped like doves.
Before church I got a roast ready in my dutch oven. The recipe called for bunches of fresh sage and rosemary, the fragrance of which filled the apartment with a deliciously tantalizing fragrance.
After church and dinner we hid eggs in the yard for Emmett. He is a quick study and found them quickly. He would imitate mommy who was saying, "Hmmmm, I wonder where they are?" and tap his chin with his finger.

He was down to the last egg when Rudy Miss Patooty with the big fat booty, and Molly the moocher came wandering down from their place.

Rudy is much friendlier to Emmett than Molly.
And yes! He was able to giver her a kiss!
Grandchildren make holidays so wonderful! Their delight in the world around them is enough to melt anyone's heart.


  1. Awwwww!!! I love that Rudy and Molly...what cuties. I fall for every feline i lay eyes on. So precious. They make every day better!
    It's funny because my Rosie (in the photo you saw) isn't really fat, she just has this big pouch of loose skin that swings around and "oozes" when she sits in that position. We can't figure it out because when we rescued her off the street, she had already been spayed so it's not like her tummy was stretched out from having kittens. I love her to pieces...she is so quirky.
    I am glad that Rudy and Molly are taken care of by you.

  2. Thanks for stopping by Carrie! The "girls" are owned by Mike, a neighbor, but they think they own the complex. Cat's usually rule don't they?! Rosie has a typical cat pooch but I love the oozes reference to her tummy. So true that! I miss having my own cat, but we are waiting until we are in one place for good. Too hard on them to run them around the country.