Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Food Storage in Small Spaces

Last night for Family Home Evening we worked on our food storage, yay! Finally I can reclaim my studio and get organized. Our trip to town on Saturday was not only a fish & chips and aquarium fish venture but we also picked up storage drawers for my studio and what are called cansolidators for our canned goods. I know, it sounds weird going out for fish & chips and then buying goldfish...lol. I love the cansolidators, which are a wonderful way to store a lot of canned goods in small spaces. Shelf Reliance is the name of the company that makes these. They do have large storage racks but these smaller units are so perfect for us. We were able to stack 5 units, which hold 40 cans each so talk about space savings! The beauty of these units is that the cans rotate as you take one out so we can put new cans in the top of each row and take from the bottom to keep things rotating. I still have more canned goods downstairs but this was a great start. It frees up closet space in our bedroom for things such as my sewing "stuff" and our bill box and so on. Now, if someone could come up with a rotating system for bottled foods we would be set! You don't want to see what the middle of my studio looks like right now though as we had to take stuff out of the closet. I will be posting before and after pix on my art blog though. Other places to store food for those who live in small places are under the bed, which I don't like as we always have a herd of dust bunnies living under the bed. Closets, sure if you only have a few clothes and shoes but I don't really know anyone who is that frugal. If you want a great deal on the cansolidators you can find them at Costco and some Walmart stores.

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