Thursday, January 28, 2010

From Cowboy Poetry to Rosa Parks

This weekend a childhood friend of mine will be showing her wares at the National Cowboy Poetry Gathering in Elko, Nevada. I was telling my husband that I would love to go. He asked why so I told him it sounds intriguing in a romantic old west sort of way. He says, "Will they have trains?" Which I can't answer because we've never done a thorough exploration of Elko.
So he says to me, "You know the trains are what determined whether you were a pioneer or not." I didn't know or remember this but President Lincoln signed the Pacific Railroad Bill back in 1862. It appears that you weren't considered a pioneer if you took the train to get out west. As a descendant of Utah pioneers and a history major as well as former teacher of history I will give him that one.
Kent had been back to Washington DC last week where he got to go on tours and see some things such as the Lincoln Memorial where Martin Luther King Jr. gave his famous "I have a dream" speech. From our talk on railroads we went to Lincoln and then Dr. King, where we got on the topic of peaceful versus passive aggressive protests. I think that what Dr. King promoted was peaceful protests as opposed to the passive aggressive type which stop folks from getting to a certain place, or stops a business or clinic from doing what it does. Yes, it's a fine line, but he didn't promote anger, he tried to show the importance black people have in our society. He tried to equal the playing field so to speak for everyone.
And you can't talk about Dr. King without mentioning Rosa Parks and her bravery.

It's nice being married to a historian and all round smart fella! We have the most interesting conversations sometimes that lead from one trail to another.
I still want to go to Elko and see the National Cowboy Poetry Gathering, so I can find my friend and her booth as well as checking out the food, art, and shows. If you are in Elko this weekend, look for the Calamity booth. Teri has some very fun and unique vintage cowgirl style jewelry and home decor. She weaves gorgeous saddle cinchas as well for all you horse owners out there.

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