Saturday, May 4, 2013

Running with the quail.....

Yes, it's a lousy photo, one that was taken as I was trying to wog up the street. Two quail were leading me up the hill this morning. I had passed a flock of chickens grazing in a neighbors yard when I looked up to see these two little California quail skittering up the sidewalk in front of me. We almost made it to the end of the block together before they decided enough was enough and flew into a tree. I smiled all the way up the road though, as it's always a treat to go running. See what you miss when you sleep in on a Saturday?


  1. "Skittering" is a good description of quail. We have several "flocks" of quail on our land here in Mead, WA. They stop me in my tracks every time--so much fun to watch as they dart and "skitter" away! Didn't God do a most excellent job of His creations?!!

  2. Yes He did Pam! I love to watch quail and hear their little warning cries. Not that I like scaring them, but they are certainly fun to come upon.