Thursday, May 23, 2013

What Happens When You Drop a Dish..... Whaalaa! Artisan Jewelry!

True story...... I found a lovely little saucer at a yard sale in Wallowa, Oregon along with some other treasures I can't even remember. I had tucked the saucer up against my chest, so it was hidden from view after I found more lovelies to take home. I get up to the sales table and start taking things out of my bundle one by one. I moved the arm that had the saucer tucked in it and eeek! it crashed to the porch, shattering in several pieces. The nice lady wasn't going to charge me, but it was my mistake so I paid her anyway. I had planned on using the saucer for a pedestal dish, so that wasn't going to work. Thank goodness I had started using broken china to make pendants and dangles for jewelry.
I found gorgeous midnight blue glass rondell beads so a necklace idea was born!

You can find this at Simply Sheryl's etsy

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