Sunday, March 29, 2009

Earth Hour and other such ramblings....

I woke up this morning to my daffodils tapping on the window saying, "Can you let us in? We're freezing!" And sure enough, it was snowing and blowing and looking like winter was back. I for one am glad I can go to the internet and see that it will warm up by tomorrow, and continue to do so.
Earth Hour, there was such a hullabaloo over this, and of course it was linked to all sorts of yay or nay or the world is being taken over by Al Gore and friends stuff.
Here's my take, we have been commanded to be wise stewards in all our dealings, especially with the blessings we've been given. For those who read scriptures you should already know that we have enough resources placed here on earth for the benefit of man. Having said that though, we do need to be smart about how we use these resources, and how we care about the planet. So while I don't agree with Al Gore and friends that the sky is falling, I do believe that some of my conservative friends who decided to plug in and turn on every piece of electronic equipment during Earth Hour were not only acting childish, but hurt our cause greatly. The real issue to them is that it appears that there is a push toward a one world economy and monetary system and that was tied into the whole Earth Hour agenda. I wish I could find the article on that, and I will look up and share the link when I do. But here's the deal as Bob Lonsberry likes to say, if we feel that going "one world" with our monetary system and economy is wrong, we need to stand up say so by writing to our elected officials, or calling them or however you can get in touch with them to let them know how concerned you are. Stand up and be counted in the right way!
For those of you who think that there would be nothing wrong with going "one world" you better start studying the founding fathers of this great country and read "The 5000 Year Leap" by Cleon Skousen, or "Liberty and Tyranny: A Conservative Manifesto", by Mark R. Levin.
Hope you have a wonderful Sabbath.

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