Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Sharing the Good....

Aren't they beautiful? On the left is a lady I've never met.... my great grandmother. I look forward to seeing her someday, when we go back home where our loved ones are waiting.
Her name is Mildred, and she lived in a small town in California, north of Sacramento. I won't mention the name of the community because it relates to the story I'm about to tell.
My husband was talking to his son last night, who happens to live in this same small town of northern California. He's a reporter for the local paper. There was a young man struck by a vehicle while crossing the crosswalk, and critically injured. Now this might not seem too news worthy for the rest of the world, but in this little town there have been numerous deaths of high school students from accidents, cancer, murder, and bizarre rare illnesses. So this is a hard topic for the locals. My stepson called the hospital to check on this young man's condition before the story on him went to press and the young man had been upgraded to good. So my stepson yells over to his editor that he had good news, to which his editor issued a colorful metaphor. An argument ensued between my stepson and the editor because instead of staying front page with the story, the paper relegated the story to the back page and put on the front page a story about a local "Bean" feed. To my stepson's credit, he argued for putting the story on the front page as the town needed good news, as in the past any incident regarding youth seemed to be bad news.
So my thought for this morning is this, are we willing to share the good news each day? Do we focus on the negative we are fed by the media each day or do we look for the good? Are we looking for the good each person we have contact with does each day? I know the tendency is to share the gossip, see the evil around us, and forget the good, but today, I want to look for the good and share it. So, thank you Rob, for standing up for what should have been. And prayers for a speedy recovery for the injured young man.


  1. Sheryl-
    I agree with you.....lately that's all we hear that bad about the economy and everything else! I try to find compliment people everyday, even on the smallest of things and I try to find the good news out there, again, even if it's small. Good for Rob for standing up for himself!
    Thanks for visiting my blog too!

  2. What a great way to keep a positive attitude Melissa! A good therapist will tell you to do something nice for someone else if you are feeling down. You are on the right track!