Thursday, March 5, 2009

Reaching our potential......

I read a very uplifting talk from the Spring 2007 Ensign by Elder L. Tom Perry yesterday that inspired me to try and be a little better each day in all I do.
He shared a story about his son, and how this son loved the high jump competition in track. This young man set up a makeshift standard and barin the basement, with the couch as his landing pad. Elder Perry knew that the furniture wouldn't take too much bouncing so he took his son to a sporting goods store and bought him the equipment he needed to set up a standard in the back yard. His son practiced for hours each day, trying one popular method and then another in an attempt to get good. One night after returning home from work Elder Perry asked his son how high the bar was set. "5 feet 8 inches", was the reply. "Why that height?" Elder Perry asked. It was the qualifying height for the state track meet. Asked how he was doing the son replied, "I make it over every time." Elder Perry suggested his son move the bar up and the son protested that he might miss. Elder Perry queried, "If you don't raise the bar, how will you ever know your potential?" So his son tried, and kept on trying higher and higher jumps as he got better. He learned to not be content with just clearing the minimum standard. What a great father, and a greater story. Here is a dad who wasn't afraid to teach his son to reach for higher ground. So how will I impliment this story into my life? Perhaps striving to be better at saying my prayers, get going on getting that garden in, and learning more about organic gardening, and small space gardening. Thinking about alternatives to running to the store for an ingredient, and being even more resourceful in using what is on hand. Practicing sketching every day, so that I can improve not only technique, but gain confidence. There's so many ways to use this story. How would you apply this to your life?


  1. Great story! I've been dissapointed with myself lately for not living up to my potential. I just feel like I need a little push to get me going. This story is very helpful, thanks for posting!!

  2. Lance! You should be pleased with what you've accomplished so far! You've taken your art a lot farther than I did mine when I was your age, so give yourself some credit, and just keep going. Remember the story of the Tortoise and the Hare? Steady going wins the race. You are doing great!


  3. Hi Sheryl, What a great story! I can think of several ways to use this story. I for one always tell my kids, keep on trying. I know my daughter will say, "I can't, Mom" and I tell her, oh yes you can.

    I also told her, that I really don't use the word can't. I am one that will try, try, try and then try some more. Never give up, is really how I live. Yes, there are things that get tough, but then you just have to figure out another way, that may work for you better.

    Have a great week.

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