Friday, March 13, 2009

Planting seeds.......

A little bird serenaded me while I was hanging out the laundry today. She has a nest in the neighbors dryer vent, which is up on the second story of the house. I see the birds out my kitchen window each day as they busily go back and forth with twigs and dried grass, or perhaps a treat or two. She is definitely enjoying the warmer weather and sunshine we are fortunate enough to be having!

Here is part of my herbs planted by our bedroom window. Yes, that is the window on the ground so to speak. We live in a daylight basement apartment. If you look closely you can see where I have little 4 packs and 6 packs of soil with seeds planted. I am also experimenting with toilet paper rolls cut in half to use as starter pots. We shall see how this works. Tomatoes, basil, oriental greens, are all things I planted yesterday. I need to get some peat moss and beef up the soil as it is so alkyline here.

Here are some things I had growing on our bedroom window sill this winter. Baby pak choi that is delicious, finger size carrots that are almost ready to harvest, and other oriental greens I experimented with. They do quite well actually and we enjoyed a nice dinner with ginger pork and veggies from my little harvest. The carrots were an experiment to see how long I could extend the growing season. I'm thinking of building some sort of planter shelf for the window so I can have more than one row stacked.
Speaking of planting seeds, Emmett has really responded to our having magnetic alphabet letters on the fridge. He isn't quite 2 yet, but he can tell you most of the letters and half the numbers. He will flip through the phone book, or bring you the paper to show you the letters he's found. Yesterday he had me sit on the floor with him to throw the ball back and forth. He looked at my sneakers and saw the New Balance "N" on them and said, "N!". Then with his head cocked sideways he looked at the other shoe and said, "Z!" He has figured out that if you turn certain letters or numbers upside down, they are something else, like 5 flipped is 2, 6 is 9, W is M in his mind and he's pretty much right, and N sideways is Z. Smart little guy isn't he? So when thinking of planting seeds there are several ways to do that. Childrens' minds are very fertile soil so consider that before you turn on the TV or take them to a movie, or any event that might plant seeds that you don't want growing there. Just a thought to pass along. Have a great weekend!

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  1. It looks like spring has come to your area. We're enjoying warm weather but my allergies are not happy.

    Emmett is darling! What a smart boy!