Friday, February 5, 2010


The other day my husband had some dental work done. The comments from the dentist included what a big tongue hubby has and what a small mouth. Translation, what a pain to try and reach that back molar to prep for a
It's funny how we are all so different. I wonder if Adam and Eve had problems like we do today, or is it just that with the mixing of this family with that family, the physical traits get all muddled and we come out not quite how we would if we were Adam and Eve's children. My little sister had teeth so big they had to remove her canines in order for her front teeth to fit. She had a tiny mouth. My teeth aren't so big, but my mouth isn't as small either. Mom had a similar problem, but not like Elain. Funny thing is, Elain's dad had a small mouth and small teeth. I had very shapely curves at one time. Hey, I'm almost 54, I can be a bit fluffier than I was, I earned it! My sisters were both built like Foghorn Leghorn as Elain's friends dubbed her.
So Kent and I were talking about all this the next morning after his crown prep appointment. One of his favorite things is to say, "when we get to Heaven and they have the Q & A session I have a list".... the avocado pit is one. He says he will be looking for the spare parts department to call in the perfected body clause.....

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