Saturday, February 6, 2010

Confucious say......

...people who own dogs should have tall fences..... Okay maybe he didn't but he would have if he lived in our neighborhood.
What is it about an early misty morning that is so refreshing?! I'm out plodding along on my morning jog, listening to Car Talk on my headphones. Hey, you can learn a lot from those two! Did you know that if your accelerator gets stuck you can do several things to prevent an accident, such as shift to neutral, turn the car off BUT LEAVE THE KEY IN THE IGNITION, and hit the brakes. See, you learned something this morning. So here I am enjoying the drizzle on my face, the cool air and the quiet when it's shattered by a momma Labrador who charges me. She has been an annoyance in the past, and I really should be on the city about this one as they know she's a problem, but now that she has had puppies she has become very aggressive! I had happened to pick up a pipe from a neighbors trailor sitting out in the front as I knew the dog might be out and believe it or not there are no good throwing rocks along that stretch of road.
So I'm yelling at her to go home, and the owner, who I couldn't see as it's still semi dark yells at me, "Throw a rock at her!" What?!!!!! He's too chicken to come out where I can see him, but later on he passes me in his Union Pacific truck. So I'm thinking, okay, he probably put her back as I truck along down the road, and I reverse my circle to go back by. Well I get past their doublewide, and just as I'm ready to drop the pipe back in my friends trailor here comes the dog up behind me. I wheel around as she almost gets to me, and I see the UP truck is back at the doublewide with the lights on. The dog backed off as I turned around, but now I'm mad. The guy has the nerve to pass me again! So here's the deal, I called the police department and left a message. They will hear from me again, the city will as well as the dog catcher, until this nuisance is taken care of. I'm not really talking about the dog either. I wonder what the number to Union Pacific is....
Here's the deal. The first reaction to this sort of situation is to shoot the dog. Really, the owners should be strung up. Dogs are dogs and do what they do, where as humans know better.
Yeah, I will be creating a different running route as I don't need this. I really enjoy getting out in the morning as it's so lovely out. I have heard recently that wasp spray is a good deterrent so I'm off to the store!


  1. Don't use WASP Spray! The label states its a violation of federal law to use in any fashion other than to deter WASPS. Purchase a Dog Attack Deterrent pepper spray as it causes the attacking dog's eyes to close involuntarily and deters the attack. Its also much easier to carry! Pepper spray is what postal carriers and law enforcement use.

  2. Hmmmm.... that's interesting. Have you seen the email being forwarded on using wasp spray as a deterrent for home invaders? Good advice though. I will look into that. Maybe one spray would be good enough to keep her from charging folks. Thanks!

  3. Do they have anything for raccoons that are as big as a small horse?! LOL

  4. Bear Repellent! You should post pictures! Do they get into your stuff? I would actually rather use the spray on the dog owners, but if I miss....

  5. There's pepper spray made specifically for joggers. It's very easy to carry. I can't imagine carrying around wasp spray!
    And, it's a humane way of dealing with the dog.
    I bought this one online and it's fairly reasonable...I'm not sure where you live, but I think it's available in most states.