Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tuesdays Tip - No waste Tomatoes

Just a quick note to say hi! and send a tip your way. We recently had to go out of town and I had way too much produce on hand. I gave most of it to my son, but I knew they couldn't use up 2 tubs of tomatoes so I tossed one tub in the freezer. Anyone who knows me knows I'm not one to let things go to waste. 
Last night we had halibut and shrimp tacos. I took the tomatoes out of the freezer and heated them up in a hot frying pan, no liquid. I sprinkled on some Old Bay seasoning, chili powder and cumin powder. When the tomatoes started to pop I let them simmer to reduce the liquid and then threw some already cooked and peeled shrimp as well as some leftover halibut into the pan. When it was all heated through we used it for taco filling that was so delicious. No fat, low calories, and no waste.....or is that waist? ;-)

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