Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sunday Sharing..... Be Ye as a little child, humble teachable willing to learn....

I heard a saying recently that has me pondering greatly the simplicity of life if we choose to make it so.
It goes something like this: Thoughts lead to choices that lead to actions that determine our character. My grandson is a perfect example. Here he is reading a hymn book. His choice. He found the book on the piano bench and pulled it out. How he knows that it's a music book is a mystery to me, as his parents don't have one around the house; unless he's seen one at our home. This photo was taken at the twins' home by the way. Emmett's first thought was that he wanted to look at books. He loves books and will read by himself on occasion. If you try and join him he will hold his hand up and tell you he's busy. When he chose the hymn book I tried to steer him to another book but this is the one he wanted. Interesting choice for  a 2 year old, but I'm not one to discourage his interest of good things. Emmett has always been this way. He will pull out dictionaries, grandpa's history books, and magazines, just to see what's in there. He would rather do that most days than watch TV. We as adults sometimes muddy things up by either thinking we know better in all things, or thinking we need something in our lives that we don't. Often we put things in front of our children or put them in front of things that will lead to thoughts and choices we don't necessarily approve of. All things being equal, I would rather Emmett pick up the dictionary or a hymn book to thumb through than anything else. He may learn something good and in the process keep his mind free of the mountain of garbage put out there to tempt us.

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