Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Home remodeling tips on painting a room

Home remodeling can be so satisfying but there are things to know if you are getting ready to paint. These are some tips I found while getting ready to paint some rooms in our Oregon home.
1.    Begin by washing down your walls with a soft cellulose sponge using warm water and a mild dish washing soap.
    2.    Use blue painter's tape to mask off any trim work in the room.
    3.    Apply primer to the walls in an even coat, and allow to dry completely.
    4.    Roll on the paint in a "W" shape (a new one for me), in a 3x3 foot section, never lifting the roller. Repeat over and over until that whole section is filled in with color. Allow the first coat to dry completely, then apply a second coat the same way.
    5.    Remove the painters tape and stand back to admire your work--streak free!!

Here's a tip for assuring you always get the right paint color if you have to repaint or touch up your room: slide the paint swatch with the name and formula behind your light switch to keep it safe.

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