Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Make a Powerful Difference

The Pine-Sol corporation is holding an essay contest called Powerful Difference in which the winner will get $10,000 for the charity or service organization of their choice. I found out about this through a contact in Martha Stewart's Dreamers Into Doers which helps promote small businesses. Terry Grahl founded Enchanted Make-overs, in which shelters for women and children are getting make overs including painting, new bedding and furniture, window treatments and more. If you've ever had to spend time in one, or visited one, the shelters, not by their own fault, can often be drab and dreary with sparse furnishings and stark walls, due to budget limitations. Through donors and volunteers, Enchanted Make-overs helps make these shelters havens of hope. For me this has special meaning as so many women will avoid these shelters because of the conditions. Let's help Terry make a powerful difference by casting a vote for her. Here's the link:
 Look for Terry Grahl and cast your vote for her daily until the contest closes. Thank you for your help!

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