Friday, April 30, 2010

How Men Think.... and oh just get over yourself!

This morning as my sweet hubby was getting ready for work he walks up to me and says, "Thank you for not being stupid".  Thank you? Lol.... actually we were just talking about a situation at work where someone "Miss Petty" decided to get offended because one of their co-workers has a picture of the Savior and a temple photo up in their room. REALLY? What if there was a picture of the Notre Dame cathedral hanging up in the room? It's a religious  edifice. Ahhhh the silliness of women sometimes. The worst part of this is that the person being bagged on is in the hospital right now so a couple of women have taken it upon themselves to take over her room and change things. So when "Miss Petty" comes to complain to my husband about the pictures his question will be, "What about the tie I'm wearing today, or the cross so and so wears everyday, and oh I think that "Judy" may be thinking about Jesus right now, what do you want to do about that?" I'm sorry for people who even think that way. We don't use the cross as a symbol in our church, but who cares what others do in that regard. It makes them feel good and it means something to them so let them be. So while it wasn't the most romantic thing to say in terms of flowery words, it means so much in terms of how my husband views me.

To those who get offended so easily I say, "Oh, get over yourself and get a life!" And I mean that in the nicest way...;-)


  1. I agree . . . put on your big girl panties and get over it! LOL

    BTW . . . Nice compliment your husband gave you *smiles*

  2. Great thoughts, and GREAT picture! I say: that's an incredible compliment!