Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tuesday Tattle - Fish n Chips. the search goes on

What is it about men that they think if two is good 5 is better? We went to an Italian restaurant Saturday for an early dinner before my SIL's wedding reception. Great food, but as usual we ordered way too much. I had already eaten two large raviolis, a small portion of spaghetti, some salad and garlic bread when my hubby slips another ravioli on my plate. Sigh.....it was so good it was too hard to resist. He loves me and thinks I don't eat enough, which is not true. I don't have a super charged metabolism like he does so I can't eat like he does. He also measures food by man portions and forgets that women really can't eat as much.
So the challenge comes this weekend when we visit another fish and chips restaurant.  The name is Hoppers. There are supposed to be other foods on the menu that aren't laden with heart stopping grease and enough calories to last you for a week. I don't see any but click on the name and see the menu and judge for yourself. From the looks of things I'm doomed! So I guess I will have to add an extra mile or two OR twenty to my work out routine......
I will be so glad when the men get off the fish and chips fad and start searching for the greatest grilled halibut or the best Salmon Caesar salad or something. Okay, probably not, huh?


  1. hahaha ... you're so funny Sheryl! Fish & Chips actually sound really, really yummy right now. I don't know --- if you dive into something horribly bad for you and devilishly yummy a couple times a month - that should be ok, right?

  2. In most cases yes, but in our case it has become the norm it seems. Let's see, Bucca's for dinner, Mexican for lunch, Chinese the night before, pizza the night before that...Oh, my heck it's worse than I thought!!! ;-)