Monday, April 5, 2010

Monday Muse..... Easter

Easter has always been a challenge for me as we feel it should be even more important than Christmas. Christmas seems to have so many traditions wrapped around it, decorating, cards being sent, food and so on. Some people do the same with Easter to a certain extent, but I think the Easter bunny gets in the way sometimes of making Easter Sunday a sacred experience. We got around that when the kids were smaller by holding our Easter egg hunts on Saturday, but still you see as you go to church Easter Sunday, children too excited about their Easter baskets to really get into the real meaning of Easter.
So what is the real importance Easter has for us as Christians? The atonement, the opportunity to live with Heavenly Father again because the Savior was willing to sacrifice his life for us. So how do we celebrate this? At Christmas there are many caroles and songs that help keep the spirit of Christmas alive. Wouldn't it be nice if we had more Easter music? There are some lovely hymns, and even Handel's Messiah lends itself to Easter at least in part. Cards are something I rarely send at Easter, but what a great opportunity to share our testimony that we know that our Redeemer lives! So I have an Easter resolution to try and make Easter more meaningful. How do you celebrate Easter, and what do you do to make it more meaningful?
For those who don't celebrate Easter, but may celebrate Passover, I would love to hear about your family traditions! Please feel free to share your reasons for celebrating, and how you go about it.

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